Violent Reaction: S/T 7"

Mind Rot Records


Here's one I've been waiting for for a WHILE: the vinyl debut from the UK's Violent Reaction. Though he's recently put together a live lineup, Violent Reaction is the brainchild of one Tom Pimlott, who you may know from bands like Nowhere Fast and Sectarian Violence. Here Tom plays all of the instruments and sings, and boy is he pissed! Violent Reaction is billed as a straight edge band, but it's definitely more in the Last Rights / SSD mold than most anything from the late 80s or after. If you're on the fence on this at all, just look at the two labels that collaborated on releasing it: if it's good HC from the UK one of these two labels is going to be involved in some way or another, and the fact that both came together says a lot about the power of this little smasher. Highly recommended if you like HC. Mind Rot Records

Note: These copies are from the US pressing
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