Violent Outburst: Survival Signs 7"

Tension Head Records


Posthumous 7" from this short-lived Virginia / North Carolina band. They have kind of a complicated history... they kicked around Raleigh for a very long time with various lineups (I even recorded an early unreleased demo for them), played very few shows, but always seemed right on the verge of being incredible. Two years ago I finally caught them live, and then all of a sudden they had broken up, half of their lineup (and one of their songs) absorbed into Mercy Killings. I'm really glad that this 4-song 7" is seeing the light of day because it totally rips... it's really a completely different beast from Mercy Killings, much more mid-paced and the vocals are considerably harsher. It definitely reminds me of the more mid-paced Wasted Time stuff (the hand of Zach Pearce is all over this thing), but fused with the toughness of the New Breed comp. Definitely a complete banger, and topped off with a totally classy layout to boot. Recommended.

Tags: 10s hardcore nyhc recommended ushc