Violence Creeps: The Gift of Music 12"

Total Punk Records


Following a string of flexis and a self released 7", Oakland's Violence Creeps are back with a brand new 12" on Total Punk. The Gift Of Music is not a party album and Violence Creeps are not a party band. Six tracks of lurching gnarly punk about isolation, sexual frustration, and rage. Cave man drums, bass skronk, and squelching guitars, all being reluctantly pushed forward by Amber’s commanding growl. Brutal in honesty and tone and filled with top notched hooks. These aren’t songs to be sung along to, these are songs to be shouted out your window. 100% TOTAL PUNK

Our take: Man, this record has to be one of the freshest-sounding, most exciting records in recent memory... seriously, I'm flipping out over how good this is! We've had a couple Violence Creeps records in the store before and they were both awesome, but this new 12" is some next-level shit. As before, the band have this magical way of combining a kind of Flipper / Fang-esque dirgey punk approach with some of the catchiest and most memorable songwriting in the current punk scene. It's hard to put your finger on precisely what makes this band good, but their songs always immediately stand out. Part of it is the great lyrics and vocals. The singer has this really powerful vocal style, and like the rest of the music, the lyrics are really straightforward while still being memorable and deftly avoiding cliche. This skill is most apparent on the last track, "(Everybody says) Fuck You," which repeats the phrase "Everybody says fuck you / but nobody fucks me" for much of the song. The music is similarly clever and evocative, with moments like the Minutemen-esque breaks in the first track, "Windowshopper," keeping me perpetually on my toes. I mean, it says a lot about the quality of the material when the cover of "Sex Dwarf" (a great song!) is the weakest moment on the record. Really, I can't recommend this one highly enough.
Tags: 10s bay area garage hardcore punk raw recommended weird