Video: Leather Leather 12"

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Debut 12" from this Texas band that features members of Wax Museums and Bad Sports. While I like both of those bands a lot, this LP pretty much smokes everything those bands have ever done... this has been getting a lot of buzz and for VERY good reason. It's like these guys took the weirdo aesthetic of Wax Museums, but rather than going for straightforward, Ramones-inspired punk they went for a weird concoction of garage, hardcore, and west coast punk. The result is something like if the Adolescents were a lot more lo-fi and were even bigger weirdos than they already were... still, this isn't anything like neo-Adolescents bands who listen to way more Government Warning than actual Adolescents... this is just tough, catchy as f*** punk. An absolute f***ing smasher if I've ever heard one. Play Pinball Records

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Tags: 10s garage USA