Video: Cult of Video 7"

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Brand new single from this Texas band, released on German label and likely kind of difficult to find in the US. These guys immediately came out of the gate with an utterly distinctive sound that had the energy of hardcore, the melody of the best garage/punk bands, and a new wave/post-punk informed sense of dynamism. On their recent 7" on Total Punk as well as this new single they evolve very slightly, laying down a bit heavier on the psych-informed guitar freakout, but basically if you dug the pumping, driving, and catchy punk that appeared on their other releases this is no less essential. I still think they kind of sound like the Adolescents and, still, no one really agrees with me, but if you like catchy, energetic punk in that style this is definitely a band you want to check out.

Tags: 10s garage punk recommended texas