Vexx: Wild Hunt 12"

M'Ladys Records


The long-awaited new 12" from Olympia's Vexx!

Our take: Olympia's Vexx return with the long-awaited follow-up to their debut 12". This LP has encountered a bunch of delays... I'm pretty sure that not only Vexx has broken up by now, but the singer's group AFTER Vexx, CC Dust, has broken up as well! That's pretty rough! Despite all that, I think Wild Hunt is still a very worthwhile record. The two things that grabbed me about Vexx's earlier stuff were the powerful vocals and the eclecticism of the songwriting, which could range from catchy, '77-inspired punk to blistering and wild hardcore. Those two things are still very much intact on Wild Hunt, but they're pushed even further, and consequently Wild Hunt feels a little bit more "mature" than their earlier LP. The sound is pretty much still the same (though the recording is a bit clearer and more polished this time... but not too much!), but the songs are just a little bit more sophisticated, whether you're talking about the almost Sheer Mag-esque power-pop of "Do What You Want To" or the lurching, Bl'ast-ish "I Don't Bleed." If Vexx don't have any more material to give us that's a shame, because Wild Hunt cements their spot as one of the most vital bands in today's punk scene.
Tags: '77&KBD 10s melodic power-pop punk recommended