Vexx: S/T 12"

M'Lady's Records


M’lady’s Records USA and Upset the Rhythm! are very pleased to jointly present the debut EP from one of the most exciting groups working in America today: VEXX, who hail from Olympia, Washington, and have been devastating the underground in the Pacific Northwest for many months now. Their self-titled EP is explosive, kinetic, and many leagues deeper than it has any right to be in this wicked epoch. Recorded by the esteemed engineer DAVE HARVEY (who also recorded both Hysterics 7”s issued on M’lady’s), this EP originally came out in a tiny edition on the Grazer label late last year, which sold out instantly just on word of mouth. We’ve had the very excellent JASON WARD(of Chicago Mastering Service) remaster this recording, and it’s now even more wild and expressive than before.
Tags: 10s female-fronted punk