Vexx: Live cassette

Perennial Records


Live on the radio session from this Olympian punk band. Vexx are interesting in that both of their previous releases seemed to bring out slightly different sides of the band, and this live cassette shows a third slightly different side. While the recording is decidedly rough I think this might be my favorite version of Vexx so far. This recording really emphasizes the guitars, which are nearly constantly engaged in this beautiful amalgam of Greg Ginn-esque shredding and hefty, Steve Jones-style rock-infused riffing. And, as with their other releases, the songs really hang around the powerful vocal performance (which, as everyone seems to note, definitely recalls the Avengers) which shines through even though the vocals on this session are nigh-inaudible. "Live cassette" basically screams "inessential release," but I really think that this shows Vexx at their best and is well worth a couple of listens.
Tags: 10s female-fronted punk recommended