Vermin: S/T cassette



After an earlier 7", here's a tape of new material from Florida's Vermin. The sound here is a bit more interesting than your average d-beat band. While the drums are pretty much going at a mid- to fast-paced d-beat the whole time, Vermin avoid the "everything heavier than everything else" stakes that many bands get caught up in, instead opting for a thinner, clearer sound. You may take that to mean that this sounds weak, but that's not the case... it's just the sound here is more Realities of War than Why? (especially when the vocals are double-tracked, which makes them sound just like the vocals on Discharge's first EP). Without such dense production you actually hear a lot more interesting stuff happening with the guitars, giving this a really catchy edge that nearly all d-beat bands lack. It's an interesting sound and may not immediately appeal to the leather-and-studs crowd (or maybe it will?), but I think this is totally rad.
Tags: 10s D-beat hardcore punk