Vatican Dagger: Not to Be 7"

Total Punk Records


Debut single from this New Orleans band featuring Phil from the dearly departed Necro Hippies on vocals. It's funny, this actually bears more than a passing similarity to the other post-Necro Hippies band Mystic Inane, which couldn't be a better thing in my book. The a-side has this lurching, Flipper-esque groove, but whereas many bands who look to Flipper as an influence concentrate on the noisier and more atonal elements, "Not to Be" is damn near a pop song, and if it were a Flipper song it might well be their best one. The b-side is a little more straightforward, a straight up punk number built around a jittery rhythm and super snotty, drawling vocals. Totally killer, and if you've been following the whole Lumpy / slime punk phenomenon this should be at the top of your "to buy" list.

Tags: 10s punk recommended