Various: Typical Girls 12"

Emotional Response Records


“Who invented the Typical Girl?” The Slits gleefully proclaimed as they attacked sexual stereotypes way back in 1979. There are no typical girls. Just remarkable women making remarkable music, as this compilation highlights. 16 of the greatest current female fronted independent punk and pop bands, from around the world, celebrated on a limited clear vinyl LP and compact disc. EARTH GIRLS, PRIMETIME, NOTS, DASKINSEY4, QUAALUDES, THE SPLITS, FRAU, UV-TV, B.D.(BAD DADDIES), SHOPPING, KENNY KENNY OH OH, CHARM BAGS, THE MEOW MEOWS, STREET EATERS, SLUM OF LEGS, RAKTA.

Our take: There are few things that I admire more in this world than a well-done punk rock compilation record. I've probably mentioned it before, but I once tried to put together a compilation myself (it was meant to be catalog number SSR-11, which I never ended up using) and failed miserably, so I know how much work goes into them. I also love listening to comps, whether they're regional comps like Not So Quiet on the Western Front or Flex Your Head, thematically-organized comps like We Got Power (short songs) or Copulation (songs about cops), or just records full of rad music like Beach Impediment's Hardcore Gimme Some More or No Way's No Bullshit series. I guess that you'd have to classify Typical Girls as one of those thematically-organized comps, since the conceit is that all of the bands feature women in prominent roles, and based on the insert many, if not most, of the bands are comprised solely of women. It's nice to have that conceptual link between the bands, because the music runs the gamut of punk subgenres. However, it's all awesome, whether you're talking about Shopping's Gang of Four / Delta 5-style punk/funk, Earth Girls' earnest, punky pop, Frau's jagged art-punk, or even Kenny Kenny Oh Oh's second-wave ska (I'm not joking... their song, "Rude Girl's Gone to Jail," is one of my favorites on the comp). It's expertly sequenced, mastered in a way that makes the massively different recording and arrangement styles sound cohesive, and every single band delivers a-grade material. This is another one that has gotten totally stuck on the shop turntable since it came in, and if your listening habits span the breadth of the punk underground I dare say it'll take over your turntable as well. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s compilations female-fronted melodic post-punk punk recommended