Various: TLAL Comp. Vol. II 12"

To Live a Lie Records


This is on To Live a Lie, so you know what you're getting... full-bore power violence. Like the label itself, this features a solid mix of better-known and completely unknown bands, with a couple of Raleigh groups thrown in for good measure. Features songs from Lapse, Abuse., Rabid Pigs, Water Torture, Low Threat Profile, Terminal Crisis, Beartrap, Mad Dog, Congenital Death, Hummingbird of Death, Grit, Bridge, Sick/Tired, Callous, Chest Pain, Vaccine, xswampx, Sidetracked, Weekend Nachos, Scalped, Impulse, Vile Intent, False Light, Cheap Art, To the Point, Super Mutant, Street Pizza, Softdov, and Slave.

Tags: 10s compilations grind / power violence hardcore USA yoobl