Various: Subnormal Girls 12"

Waiting Room Records


Here's a killer comp of female punk/post-punk offering songs dating from the period 1979-1983.
1. I.U.D. - Precious
2. PETTICOATS - Dreams
3. ZONA - Boule Quies
4. MANNSCHRECK - Verdrahtet
5. JO SQUILLO ELETRIX - Skizzo Skizzo
6. BOYS BOYS - Monkey Monkey
7. TOXIC SHOCK - Intoxicated
8. ART OBJECT - Ride The Metro
1. VIELE BUNTE AUTOS - Liliputaner
2. TI-THO - Die Liebe Ist Ein Abenteuerr
3. CHANDRA - Subways
4. JUNGLE NAUSEA - Sympathy
5. KONTROLA W. - Bossa Nova
7. LIGGERS - Deathwish
8. SIC - Voltage Control

Our take: Given how hip this post-Kleenex post-punk sound has been over the past few years, I'm kind of flabbergasted 1. that it took so long for someone to do a comp like this and 2. that the well of tracks to pull from is so staggeringly deep. Seriously, there isn't a dud on this compilation... it's all great post-punk, DIY, and minimal synth music from the late 70s and early 80s. The US, UK, Japan, and various locales in Europe are all represented, and it's amazing how consistent the sound is between tracks. I can't imagine that there was all that much communication between these bands, so it seems like there was just something in the air during this period that caused a bunch of women tog grab guitars and synthesizers and pound out these tough pop hits. I'm about as far as you can get from an expert on this sound, but I hadn't heard of a single band on here and I love every track, so if you're into older stuff like Kleenex, the Raincoats, Essential Logic, etc., or newer bands that take up that sound like Shopping, Primetime, or Good Throb... well, you know what to do because this will be money extremely well spent.
Tags: 70s compilations europe female-fronted post-punk recommended reissues