Various: Sub 2x12"

Nada Nada Discos


Expanded deluxe reissue of this classic 1983 brazilian hardcore punk compilation with Ratos De Porao, Psykoze and Colera. Includes an extra LP’s worth of material not on the original release, and comes in a heavy gatefold with inner sleeves, insert and poster. Top-notch.

Our take: Double LP reissue of this classic Brazilian hardcore compilation. I'm sure you know the name Nada Nada Discos thanks to their recent, noteworthy reissues of bands like Anti-Cimex and Newtown Neurotics and they pull out all of the stops for the Sub compilation. The original issue has expanded to include an extra 12" containing unreleased tracks by the original bands, a gatefold jacket, and a bunch of extra artwork and ephemera. As well as the mandatory really strong remastering job. Sub is, without a doubt, one of the essential worldwide 80s hardcore comps. For some reason it's always struck me as a Flex Your Head of Brazil. While there are fewer bands here than on Flex Your Head, there's a similarly explosive vibe... and like that record it almost seems like they're scrambling to get all of this awesomeness down on tape before it evaporates. Thankfully for us they did. If you're a connoisseur of worldwide hardcore this is something you should know back to front, so kudos to Nada Nada for getting this essential slab back out there.
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