Various: Split Scene Australian Hardcore Compilation 12"

Urban Rage Records

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Vinyl-only compilation 12" from a ton of newer Australian HC bands. Includes tracks from Shackles, Hurt Unit, Search and Destroy, Downpour, the Weight, Refrain, Civil War, Eye Gouge, Ill Vision, Reckless Aggression, Vigilante, Sick People, Never Right, Square One, White Male Dumbinance, Thick Skin, Low Standards, Outright, and Frozen Over. It seems like I've been reading about some of these bands for years in Australian zines, and it's nice to finally hear a lot of them. The styles represented are a good mix of various fast hardcore, from straight up early 80s-sounding raw stuff to more late-80s stuff that sounds like it could have been on the New Breed compilation. In fact, this whole thing reminds me quite a bit of that compilation in the beset way possible. Includes a HUGE, awesome poster/lyric insert. Urban Rage Records

Tags: 10s Australia/NZ compilations sXe