Various: Puke and Destroy 7"

Snuffy Smiles Records


3-way split 7" featuring two songs each from Defect Defect, Your Pest Band, and Groaning Groove. Your Pest Band are your fairly typical Snuffy Smiles band... melodic Japanese punk with big, Snuff/Leatherface-esque guitars, though they have a bit of a garage rock edge to their sound as well. Hopefully you already know Defect Defect from their phenomenal LP on Residue a while back, but if you don't they play gruff yet catchy hardcore that's tough as nails but that there's a chance your girlfriend might still like. As for Groaning Groove, they have a more straightforward Japanese hardcore sound that kind of reminds me of Forward, but way more rocked-out and a little garagey... like a looser, more punk version of their f***ed Up LP. Another winner from Snuffy Smiles!

Tags: 10s compilations Japan melodic pop-punk USA