Various: Mild in the Streets 12" (new)

Fat Wreck Chords


Mild In the Streets is a collection of songs from Fat Wreck Chords artists who trade in their blaring amps and distortion pedals for acoustic guitars and orchestral arrangements. You see, it's not always about smashing the state. Sometimes the state needs to be gently dismantled. Mild In the Streets does just that with an all-star collection of punkers (Against Me!, Alkaline Trio, Lagwagon, and more) swapping out their aggressive sound for a more subdued tone. Made up of re-imagined versions of popular punk classics as well as tracks originally written in the acoustic vein, Mild In the Streets boasts 17 soulful songs including 5 previously unreleased ones. It all culminates in an impressive rendition of the 18 minute NOFX epic "The Decline" performed by a full orchestra. This comp is just what the doctor ordered for Fat fans to get in touch with their mild side.
Tags: 10s melodic pop-punk yoobl