Various: Lumpy Mix #2 cassette

Lumpy Records


Latest mix from Lumpy, and it's EXTREMELY worth your time. To me, even though this is a mass-produced item it's pretty much exactly what I want a good mix to be. It's eclectic, it flows extremely well, it introduces me to a ton of bands I hadn't heard of before, and it even has original artwork and really intriguing, pithy, Killed by Death-esque liner notes that give you just enough context for each band to get you really intrigued. As you might expect, this is heavy on the "slime punk" scene with which Lumpy is typically connected--primarily bands from Northwest Indiana and St. Louis--but it's interesting because by reaching further into the past it gives some insight into the musical origins of that scene. Basically, there are toes in 80s US-style hardcore, garage-punk, and older novelty records... when you think about it that all makes perfect sense. I wish the fidelity were a little better in places, but for the price I ain't complaining about a tape that introduces me to this much awesome music. Oh, and in case you're wondering this includes tracks from Liquids, Ausmuteants, Rik and the Pigs, Mystic Inane, and many more that you haven't heard of yet but will soon come to love.
Tags: 10s compilations garage punk raw recommended