Various: Kuoleman Tappaneet Punk Rockia Pienkustanteilta 1977-1983 12" (new)

Svart Records


Description courtesy of Google Translate: On February 17 Svart Records will release pitkäsoitollisen Finnish punk first wave of secret weapons. Death Tappan Collection album 14 songs are bands of teenagers actually been recorded and published by frenzied punk rock -repäisyjä for the years 1977-1983. The songs are previously unreleased again. CD-ROM complements the 52-page insert booklet that presents the stories of bands. Punk hit Finland than one hundred volts. Do it yourself -aatteen inspired was born a few years, dozens if not hundreds of bands university cities to small villages. Some of the bands stayed in the lives of Finnish artist fixed stars of heaven. Part sank into oblivion. Some of the never wanted more than to call. A collection of most of the bands album released one seven-inch disc. Others become famous for. Others because realized that making a record itself is possible. Selected little discs and cassette tapes songs are deprived of the residue of its value deserves because of small distribution channels and clumsy tribute editions of communication. Compilation album has selected the most extreme movements of the era, rujoimmat and distinctive Rockit. Thus, a collection of works as well as a Finnish counterpart Killed By Death -kokoelmasarjalle. The first four parts of the informal publication series were assembled by hand from Norway. Killed By Death collections present mostly American raw punk from where it should have had. However, in the name of the collection Härmän boys wanted to beat the death. For if in the midst of mass unemployment and 'Kekkoslovakian' narrow attitude of punk playing atmosphere for young people was at stake. Self-expression, creativity and meaningful conclusion. Oman depression footprint rock 'n' roll path. Spectrum occurring in a collection of punk-keepers covers the whole country.
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