Various: Killed by Death Rock 12"

Sacred Bones Records


Man, could there be a more opportune time for this compilation to be coming out? Death rock, goth, and post-punk are the genres on the tips of everyone's lips these days, and Sacred Bones goes and unearths this well of deep tracks from the genre's heyday. I think that what I like most about this comp is the diversity it conveys... there's everything from minimal DIY synth to dense post-punk here, and it really showcases the wide net that dark post-punk cast in its original era. Every track here seems like a real obscurity... I hadn't heard of a single band on here, and many of the tracks are either previously unreleased entirely or only appeared on self-released cassettes. Throw in a snazzy layout courtesy of Alex Heir and you have the soundtrack to your next goth night.

Tags: 70s 80s compilations goth-punk melodic post-punk reissues uk