Various: Hardcore, Gimme Some More 7"

Beach Impediment Records


One of the best labels in the game today releases a compilation with exclusive tracks from S.H.I.T., Peacebreakers, Mercenary, Impalers, Violent End, and Ajax... if this isn't the very definition of a no-brainer then I don't know what is. You know you can trust your boy Mark at Beach Impediment and he definitely doesn't let any BS fly under the radar here... all bands deliver top-notch tracks that are right on par with their already-released material, and the whole thing is wrapped up in some classy as hell packaging (love that pink spot color!). Includes a rad double-sized insert so that you can have the words "HARDCORE GIMME SOME MORE" in giant letters on your bedroom wall.
Tags: 10s compilations D-beat hardcore punk recommended