Various: Ground Zero Hardcore NYC 2013 12"

Toxic State Records


Finally, the long-awaited compilation of NYC punk, released to coincide with the recent NY's Alright Fest. This is pretty much exactly what you want it to be... new and exclusive tracks from most of the best bands in NYC, including La Misma, Deformity, Nomad, Goosebumps, Anasazi, Murderer, Sad Boys, Bortgang, Crazy Spirit, Perdition, Dawn of Humans, and Hank Wood & the Hammerheads. As is the rule for Toxic State, this one features absolutely gorgeous packaging, including a screen-printed gatefold jacket, a huge 2-color screen printed poster, and an absolutely gorgeous 2-color risograph-printed booklet with tons of incredible artwork and info / lyrics for everything involved. In my opinion pretty much everything Toxic State releases is a must-have, but this release is particularly essential. Toxic State Records

Tags: 10s compilations D-beat noisy USA USHC