Various: Easier Said Than Done Cassette



Brand new compilation of current Philadelphia hardcore and punk... includes a track each from the Stasi (a total ripper!), New Crime, Dark Thoughts, Blank Spell, Fuck SS, Batworm, Haldol, Low Charge, Latex, Skin Graft, Stuck Pig, Holidays, Bad Energy, and Cool Life. It's funny, for a city its size Philadelphia has never had a particularly well-documented hardcore/punk scene, and Easier Said than Done goes a long way toward remedying that. While there is some diversity here, a majority of the bands play dark and straightforward hardcore. I wouldn't say there's something so distinctive as a "Philadelphia sound," but the bands all present top-notch material (with some like the Stasi and Haldol really standing out) and if you're interested in this kind of regional punk/hardcore compilation you can't go wrong with this.

Tags: 10s compilations hardcore punk