Various: Concentrated Visuals cassette

Space Ritual Records


Brand new compilation of contemporary Australian punk and hardcore bands. You'll recognize a few of them like Die Gutter Gods, Prag, Helta Skelta, Vaginors and Plastic Bags from previous Sorry State updates, but a few of these bands like Oily Boys, Simfuckers, and Unpeople I know only from cryptic message board posts by people who must either be 1. from Australia 2. way cooler than me or 3. both. Anyway, this is a very different punk scene than the one a lot of people think of when they think of current Australian punk, which I think is more associated with the garage-punk and post-punk styles (I'm thinking of bands like Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, UV Race, Ausmuteants, etc.). However, this is much more hardcore, though with a marked weirdness... if you've checked out Die Gutter Gods or Vaginors you know what I'm talking about. I think my favorite of the lot (at least as far as new discoveries) is Unpeople, who deliver two lurching, heavily Rudimentary Peni-influenced tracks that really stick out. There are a bunch of great bands here, though, and if you're a looking for a sampler of this unique punk scene this one is certainly the most definitive one yet.

Tags: 10s australia compilations hardcore punk