Various: Bughouse Vol. 1 cassette

Not Normal Records


I love this recent punk / hardcore phenomenon of releasing mix tapes. I get really bored with surfing around stupid social networking sites looking for new bands... it's nice to have someone actually carefully curate something for you to listen to. Like Not Normal's previous compilation, These Are the Voices in the Back of Your Head, Bughouse I is a wonderfully diverse, current, and high-quality compilation. You get everything from the raw hardcore of the Floor Above and Orden Mundial to the more melodic punk of Tenement and Christi, and a whole lot of brilliant punk and hardcore that falls somewhere in between. I mean, this thing has some of my absolute favorites of the past few years: Primetime, Mystic Inane, The Bug (all of whom contribute exclusive tracks) as well as a bunch of others who are totally new to me and whose music is just sinking in. With 60 whole minutes of quality punk rock it's going to take a little while for this to sink in, but I'm looking forward to the process. I kind of wish this was on vinyl because I think it's more than good enough, but if you're looking at this from a value for money standpoint this cassette absolutely can't be beat.
Tags: 10s compilations garage hardcore punk