Various: Bloodstains Across Canada 12"

euro import


Collecting rare 7" tracks from Canadian punk bands 1977-1982, some legendary and some quite obscure, this includes THE VILETONES "Screaming Fist," NO FUN "Now I Ain't Got No Face," RED SQUARES "Transmitter," ACTIVE DOG "Rat Race," PRIVATE SCHOOL "Fuck You," BRAINEATERS "I Braineater," FORGOTTEN REBELS "3rd Homosexual Murder," BUREAUCRATS "Grown Up Age," MODERNETTES "Celebrity Crackup," STURGEONS "Punk Rock Virgins," HOT NASTIES "Invasion of the Tribbles," SILICONE INJECTION "Kids are People, Too," PRESENCE "The Disease," PINK STEEL "Some of the Things That You Do," CURTAINS "Kari-Anne," THE RGE "I've Got Your Number," CULTURE SHOCK "Thought You Were a Friend," and NJF "Happy Sad." Like all the Bloodstains series, this comes in a red & white & punky-crude sleeve with short notes and original cover thumbnails for each song on the back, plus a printed insert with more notes on the bands. Euro import.
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