Various: Another Subculture cassette

Malicious Telecommunications


This is very cool. I've always loved these "audio zines," but it seems like very few of them actually come out. This one features features interviews with UV Race and Constant Flux, music from a bunch of contemporary London bands like the Lowest Form, Snob, and more. Perhaps even better, it features a bunch of recordings from the recent Static Shock weekend, including live records and/or interviews from Rakta, S.H.I.T., Dawn of Humans, and more. If you're like me and you split your listening time between NPR talk radio and punk and hardcore music then you'll be like a pig in slop listening to this. Oh, and I should also mention that while this tape is quite expensive, all of the proceeds go to DIY Space for London, which has been working on organizing a DIY Space in London for many years now, and hopefully that place will soon become a reality and I will go there lots.

Tags: 10s compilations post-punk punk uk zines