Vanity: Vain in Life 12"

Katorga Works Records


Debut 12" from this new oi! band out of New York. This thing has gotten quite a lot of hype and I believe is sold out already from the label, so if you're interested it's probably best to jump on it now. Anyway, it's pretty clear that Skr--driver is the primary inspiration here... not only is the general, rootsy pub rock / oi! approach largely the same, but a lot of the songs are built around the same kind of hammer-on rock and roll riffs that drove a lot of that band's early stuff. I would say this is a little more melodic than that might indicate, though... in places, this reminds me a LOT of that old TKO Records band the Beltones. That's not a slight in my book as I love the Beltones, but it's almost a little surprising that modern skins are so into a band that sounds so overtly rootsy. Anyway, if the description above moves you I'd encourage you to check this out, as aside from Crown Court it's probably the best-executed record in this style I've heard in a very long time.

Tags: '77 & KBD 10s new york nyc oi!