Vanilla Poppers: Lurking in the Corner of Cleveland, Ohio 7"

Negative Jazz


Negative Jazz is proud to present the debut ep from Australian/Ohio quartet, Vanilla Poppers. This 6 song offering comes fresh off the heels of a successful US tour and on the eve of a short Canadian tour.  Vanilla Poppers-Lurking in the corner of Cleveland, Ohio has arrived.

Our take: Debut 7" from this band out of Cleveland, Ohio. I loved their demo, and if you did too it's a good bet you'll love this 7" as well. Those infectious, Comes-style vocals are still very much present, but for some reason this time around the band sounds way more "Cleveland" to me. They still have a total bulldozer guitar sound that reminds me of Fang at their very best, but there's just something a bit edgier and more nihilistic to the music, which is definitely a quality that I associate with Cleveland punk. With six songs on this 7", Lurking in the Corner of Cleveland Ohio really eats like a meal, and when you throw in some pretty cool artwork I think you end up with a must-buy hardcore record.
Tags: 10s cleveland hardcore midwest recommended