Vanilla Poppers: demo cassette



Demo cassette from this gnarly Cleveland band... the Comes cover should give you a pretty good idea of where they're coming from.

Our take: Demo cassette from this short-lived band from Cleveland. It ends with a pretty blistering Comes cover, which is a pretty good indication of the vocal style, if nothing else... high-pitched and yelp-y, but still extremely powerful and catchy. While the vocals are definitely the thing that sticks out most about Vanilla Poppers upon first listen (well, aside from their name I suppose), the music is absolutely killer as well. They don't really fit into any current punk subgenre (they're not pogo, d-beat, noise rock, or anything like that), but at the same time they're 100% punk. I suppose if I had to throw out some comparisons I'd say that musically they remind me of a more uptempo version of Fang or some other 80s punk band with a healthy groove but that isn't really wont to push things into full-on hardcore tempos. With a dirtier recording I could imagine this sounding some of the Toxic State bands, but with the clear, powerful recording it has Vanilla Poppers really are their own thing. Even though I've done a shit job of describing it, this is one of my favorite demos of the past several months, and if you like the sound of a tough, capital-P punk band with a bruising lady vocalist this one is highly recommended.
Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore raw recommended