Vacant Life: Pain Compliance 7"

Iron Lung Records


The debut hardcore punk 7" by these new young Seattle miscreants. Four tracks of nasty chorused quick mid tempo meat. Unorthodox and standout tunage in the vein of recent groups like Gag or Back To Back but with a wholly original take on the sounds. They've spent the last year or so getting strong and honing their craft. We expect great things to come. 400 copies on black vinyl housed in a heavy duty matchbook fold-over sleeve. Art by J. GALLEGO. Sounds by IAN CRIST. Mastered by W. KILLINGSWORTH.

Our take: A lazy person might be inclined to separate Iron Lung Records' discography into "the heavy shit" and "the weird shit," but such a division would be lazy. What makes the heavy stuff on Iron Lung so great is that there are liberal chunks of weird sprinkled in, and Vacant Life (along with label-mates like Gag and even Iron Lung themselves) definitely fit that mold. Employing ear-splittingly raw production, Vacant Life swing the pendulum back and forth between heavy, driving, and fist-pumping hardcore parts and chorus-drenched, creepy-sounding lead guitar-driven passages. They excel at both modes, and neither feels like a break from the other so much as they both seem like complimentary parts of a larger whole. It's not as if Vacant Life are trying to out-weird or out-heavy anyone, they're just spitting out aggressive, engaging hardcore in their own unique voice, and their confidence is infectious.
Tags: 10s hardcore noisy punk