Vaaska / Schizophrenia: Split 7"

540 Records


Perfectly-matched split 7" from these two great hardcore bands who manage to be both catchy and raging at the same time. Vaaska have been one of my favorite bands in the US virtually since they came out, and these two songs are definitely up to par with their other stuff. In fact, the slightly more blown-out and intense recording suits them well, and this may be my favorite recording from them. Japan's Schizophrenia also contribute what are probably their best tracks to this release... noisy, wild hardcore punk with maniacal vocals and an all-around wild and unhinged vibe that so many bands go for but so few bands accomplish. Great packaging too, with silver print on black jackets a la the Bastard 7" reissue.

Tags: 10s d-beat japan noisy usa