Utah Jazz: Ivory Wave 12"

Black Dots


Years in the making, we're pleased to announce the release of the debut UTAH JAZZ LP, "Ivory Wave." Featuring members of the world-renowned BROWN SUGAR and regionally legendary MAYDAY, The UTAH JAZZ have been helping reform the dominant sound of the Western NY punk scene with their undefinable brand of dual-guitar rock'n'roll wankery for nigh on five years now. A more-than-suitable follow up to their previous works on #2 guitarist B. Gaffney's Media Schlitz imprint. F.F.O. HOMOSTUPIDS (... the mutant sounds of Cleveland, Ohio), ZZ TOP and good ol' fashioned American psychedelia.

Our take: We had the advance cassette of this upstate NY banger a few weeks ago, but now we finally have the vinyl version and it's well worth the wait. Whether you're talking about Rochester, Buffalo, or any of the other smaller cities it seems like there's a certain weirdness that comes out in a lot of punk bands from this part of the US. Utah Jazz are no different... I mean, that should be obvious enough by their name alone. However, what I really like about this band is that they don't seem like they're being weird for weird's sake, they're just writing honestly quirky, interesting punk rock songs that defy the easy categorization. The vocals are actually really catchy and the music is consistently inspired, it's just that the band avoids hanging on rhythms for a long time, repeating parts, or basically any of the easy tricks to make a song stick in your head. I feel like I'll need a few more listens to really digest this, but that's a mark of a great record... it reveals itself slowly, and you can tell even from the first listen that this has a lot to say.
Tags: 10s hardcore punk recommended ushc