Useless Eaters: Bleeding Moon 12"

Castle Face Records


I have a long history with Useless Eaters... I've known Seth since back when he played guitar for Life Trap, and when his first album, Daily Commute, came out I was completely floored... it was like a totally raw take on Jay Reatard's solo stuff with more of a Devo edge, and I played that record into the ground. I thought the follow-up was a little lacking, though, and while I liked songs here and there on the numerous 7"s he's put out, I felt like he hadn't lived up to the promise of Daily Commute, at least until now. Bleeding Moon, in some senses, is a new era for the band... apparently Seth has moved to San Francisco and hangs out with the whole Ty Segall / Oh Sees / Castle Face scene now, and that must be working out well for him because Bleeding Moon is a total banger. It pretty much picks up right where Daily Commute left off, with completely infectious hooks wrapped up in strange arrangements, raw production, and punk energy. If you dig the early Jay Reatard stuff, new wave-y punk like the Nots, or really just good, catchy garage-punk in general you should really check this out... a truly standout record.

Tags: 10s garage punk recommended