Urochromes: S/T 7" (new)

Lumpy Records


The classic hits "TOAP", "I don't wanna be like me", "Ugly", "Two Men" + 2 more, pressed to wax. Don't think you can top that cover.

Our take: Debut vinyl from this band out of Western Mass and it is a wild ride. I still can't figure out exactly what's going on... it sounds like maybe they're a hardcore band playing with electronic drums, or at least the snare is sampled because that sounds really bizarre while the cymbals sound like they might be (at least mostly) natural. Usually when I hear that kind of snare sound it's associated with music that is cold, spare, and synthetic, but none of those adjectives really apply to Urochromes. The faster moments have a loose and wild, early Gang Green-style edge, but they also have a song full of divebombs that, if only for that fact, reminds me of Omegas, and more mid-paced stuff that wouldn't be out of place on a mix tape alongside some of the recent Austin bands like Glue, Strutter, and Dye. If you're a purist about your hardcore you might not be into this, but I've always been into bands that push the envelope, and Urochromes certainly have a sound I've never heard before. Highly recommended for the adventurous hardcore listener.
Tags: 10s fast gb325 hardcore noisy recommended