Urgency: Raw Purposes 7"

Commitment Records


Lower Central Valley straight edge band Urgency started out in 2014 and released a five song demo in December 2014, that showcased their aggressive and fast youthcrew sound. In the Summer, the five members, Cruz A. (vocals), Dane M. (bass), Jae B. and Dak F. (guitars) and Ismail R. (drums), went into the Atomic Garden studios to record five new songs with Jack Shirley, for their debut 7" on Commitment. The band came out with even more aggressive and harder sounding songs, songs that mixed the hooks of Side By Side, the breaks of Breakdown and the fury of Infest - the EP is called 'Raw Purpose' for a reason. With lyrics dripping with anger and questioning fake friendships and promoting the edge, Urgency do their name justice. The 7" comes on two colours (black and blue - no coindence) in cover art done by Chad Lawson.
Tags: 10s hardcore sxe yoobl