Urgency: Demo 1 Cassette

Outlast Records


Demo cassette from this band out of California, and there's no mystery what you're getting here: just look at the varsity font and x'ed up hoodie guy on the front, and if there's any doubt then listen to the big dive-bomb at the end of the intro. Yup, this is some pretty straightforward youth crew hardcore. There's a range of sounds this genre can encompass, ranging from the more melodic, Chain of Strength-influenced style to the scrappy and raw sound of bands like Side by Side, and Urgency definitely lean toward the latter, though with a little bit of the whiplash mosh part / fast part change-ups of Straight Ahead thrown in for good measure. Of course some people will have patently no interest in this style at all, but if you're into youth crew stuff this is a pretty strong demo, and the rawness definitely helps it to go quite a bit further with me than it normally would.
Tags: 10s california hardcore sXe youth crew