Urbanoia: Psykisk Terror 7"

Solar Funeral Records

$2.50 $5.50

2nd EP from this raging Norweigan hardcore band on the great Solar Funeral label. You can always count on SF to put out above-the-bar hardcore (and they're even releasing the next Skemí_ta 7"!), and this EP is no different. This 4-song EP is very short (about 4 minutes in total), but you shouldn't hold the band's economy against them... this is straightforward, pounding, and well-produced hardcore in the tradition of Norweigan bands like Svart Framtid, Headcleaners, and Akutt Innleggelse... no guitar solos, no fake "raw punk" vibe, just straight up hardcore. If that's your style then this one is pretty much essential.

Tags: 10s gb325 hardcore norway punk recommended scandinavia yoobl