Urban Savage: Four Song 7"

Foreign Legion Records

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Locked away in a basement in Sweden, this band of degenerates started piecing together riffs that had more in common with early USHC and No Future punk than it did with the jerky riffs of their Scandinavian brethren. Malmo is a post-industrial town where the working class struggles for both work and an identity, and their orphaned sons URBAN SAVAGE reflect that desperation as well as the degradation of one's own faith in the society that has been built around them. Their sound is nomadic; a blistering cacophony of boots on streets and tight, organic rhythms.

Our take: New EP from this Swedish band who seek to fuse hardcore and street punk. It's an interesting combination, but it seems to me that it's likely to piss off purists of both sounds. It's probably a bit to heavy and tough-sounding for your typical street punker, while street punk influences are definitely a big no-no to your typical lover of the classic USHC style. If you can get down with later (as in post-Liberty and Justice) era Agnostic Front or Rancid's tougher moments this might click with you, but I think that for a lot of people this might fall through the cracks between styles.
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