Uranium Club: Who Made the Man? 7"

Lumpy Records


Brand new single from Minneapolis's Uranium Club!

Our take: Minneapolis's Uranium Club seemed to come out of nowhere with their debut 12" on Fashionable Idiots / Static Shock a while back, and I know, for me at least, the question was whether it was a fluke or whether we have a genuinely great band on our hands here. Well, these two songs at least confirm that the Uranium Club well has yet to run dry, as they are perhaps even better than any of the tracks on their debut 12". It's probably not a particularly fashionable comparison in DIY punk circles, but Uranium Club remind me a lot of Parquet Courts in the way that they fuse the high art minimalism of early Wire with the repetition and openness of vintage krautrock... in short, Uranium Club kind of sound like Pink Flag-era Wire jamming on some Neu! tunes. The music is almost bafflingly simple in some respects... the a-side, "Who Made the Man?" centers around a rhythm guitar figure that's repeated over and over for the song's five-minute running time. While that riff seems to be on a virtually infinite loop, the things that come in to augment it only make brief appearances... a single verse of vocals, a police whistle, a lead guitar figure... the contrast between ADD time and slow time is exploited perfectly here, satisfying both my craving for novelty and my need for the comfort of a familiar riff. If you heard the debut 12" and you're on the fence about whether to get this, let me tell you it's totally essential. If you haven't heard Uranium Club and the aforementioned comparisons intrigue you I'd highly encourage you to check them out... they're definitely one of the best and most exciting new bands to emerge in the past few years.
Tags: 10s 77&KBD garage indie melodic post-punk punk recommended