Uranium Club: Human Exploration 12"

Fashionable Idiots Records


Minneapolis band's demo pressed to a 12" on Fashionable Idiots records. Angular and raw punk in a late 70's UK style a bit like Wire or the Fall but with more of a direct punk approach.

Our take: So, I'm excited about this record for 2 reasons: 1. it means that Fashionable Idiots is still going and 2. IT TOTALLY RULES! Uranium Club play kind of minimalist, agitated, catchy punk rock... Havoc's references to the Fall and Wire are not without merit, but this doesn't sound quite so retro to me, and hardcore is part of the equation here in a way that those references don't make clear. There are a few bands I think would be a better point of reference... the Shitty Limits, the first Total Control 7" (i.e. before they started really incorporating post-punk and electronic influences)... or maybe even a more compact and punker Parquet Courts. Needless to say, though, this thing is right up my alley in terms of style and the execution could not be better. If you like your punk simple, minimalist, and catchy then you absolutely need to check this out... very highly recommended.
Tags: 10s midwest post-punk punk recommended