Uranium Club: Beat Session Vol 1 cassette

Shout Records


Peel sessions-style live in the studio recording from one of the best punk bands in the world today!

Our take: Brand new cassette from this Minneapolis band who have been kicking the hype machine into overdrive lately. The hype is well-deserved, too, as the Uranium Club are one of the most exciting and memorable bands I've heard in recent memory. If you haven't heard them yet, they have a kind of upbeat punk sound with thin, scratchy-sounding guitars and a range of influences that spans everything from hardcore to post-punk to 77 punk to garage rock. Every time I hear them I can't help but be reminded of the Shitty Limits, but at this point I dare say that the Uranium Club are better known and more hyped than the Limits ever were. Anyway, this tape features three songs, one of which appeared on their first LP and two of which (from what I hear) will appear on their upcoming LP. However, these are exclusive recordings. This tape is the first in a series called "Beat Sessions" that are modeled on classic Peel Sessions... they're recorded quickly and (I assume at least mostly) live in an attempt to capture the energy of a live performance with something approaching the fidelity of a studio release. Anyway, it's totally killer. If you're a fan of the band you'll want to hear these versions, and if you're looking to check them out for the first time this is as great a place as anywhere to start. Highly recommended.
Tags: indie melodic midwest minneapolis post-punk recommended