Upright Citizens: Bombs of Peace 12"

Colturschock Records


Upright Citizens from the Ruhr are among one of the most important, most original and most international 80s hardcore punk bands of Germany! In 1982 her debut album "Bombs of Peace" as a mini-LP. An absolute classic with 9 tracks that already at that time swept away everything, here is hit after hit on. Gassenhauer like "Fuck The Army", "Neo-Nazis in Germany," the title song "Bombs of Peace" or the incredible cover of CRISIS classic: "Holocaust" songs that burn to hear already after one and you are never again forgets. Together with the second disc "Make The Future Mine & Yours" which repress the debut album of H'Art was re-released in the 80s and by Rude Records early 90s as a double LP. Due to its rarity, the original is now traded at exorbitant prices. Not enough that this grandiose songs on vinyl are available again, this re-release will appear in original layout A1 poster and all hand-numbered as mini-LP in 140g vinyl + Special.
Tags: 80s Europe germany hardcore punk reissues USHC yoobl