Unruly Boys: demo cassette

Vile Audio

$3.40 $4.00

Demo cassette from this new oi! band from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new band from Charlotte featuring former members of No Power and many others. Though they dress like skinheads, there isn't really much oi! music in their sound... it's pretty much straight-up, barebones, classic US hardcore. It's a quite loose and nasty and the vocals are bathed in reverb (but not in a space-y, Destino Final kind of way, more like in a "Mystic Studios" kind of way), so to my ears this sounds like any number of below-the-radar old USHC bands that might have appeared on an old We Got Power compilation. If you like your hardcore raw, nasty, and primitive this is worth a look.
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