Unreal Thought: Amateur Comfort cassette

Various Records


3rd cassette from this Canadian band. I'd call the genre they play "melodic anarcho punk." Like bands such as Zounds or the Mob, Unreal Thought are too sinister and jagged to qualify as anything but a punk band, yet too melodic and song-oriented to really fit in with the more hardcore anarcho bands like Crass, Subhumans, Conflict, and the like. It has the atmosphere of post-punk, but is straightforward and earnest in contrast to the usually distant and slightly ironic posture of post-punk music. It's also very homespun in a way that strikes me as particularly anarcho and, indeed, particularly Canadian as well. You get seven fully fleshed-out tracks here, making it feel more like a full-length than a demo or an EP, and it's miles better than most of the post-punk-oriented vinyl that I've come across in recent memory. Recommended if you like bands like Anasazi, Survival, and the more punk-sounded bands of the post-punk set.
Tags: 10s anarcho anarcho-punk bf16 canada melodic post-punk recommended tapesale