United Super Villains: Choke Slammed Back To Life! 12"

Deranged Records

$5.50 $11.00

Another fast thrashing hardcore record from Wisconsin's U.S.V.; you might remember the thrasher they did on Havoc Records. The music is fast and furious but all the weird movie sound bites add a sense of comedy to the approach, but the U.S.V. lyrical content is quite good (even a song telling people to read the god damn lyric sheets!). This is a good record, and I would say anyone that likes D.S.13 or Code 13 is going to like this as well (not that U.S.V. sounds like either of these bands, but the same people that dig those bands will dig U.S.V.). Thrash on!
Tags: 00s 65804 hardcore punk thrash yoobl