Uniform: Demo Cassette

State Laughter Records


Demo cassette from this new Atlanta band featuring a whole slew of familiar faces, including members of Wymyns Prysyn, Brain FäŠæ, Double Negative, No Power, Stepdad SS, and many, many others. I believe that Josh from Wymyns Prysyn is the main vocalist, and if you've listened to that Wymyns Prysyn LP as much as I have lately you'll recognize it immediately. However, the music is a lot more raw, straightforward, and basic. I remember when this band started that someone involved was telling me that they had a distinct Rudimentary Peni influence, and I definitely hear that... like the early Rudimentary Peni EPs, this both sounds like hardcore and something weirder, more sinister, and somehow catchier at the same time. It has a solid, raw but powerful home recording with the creepy, double-tracked vocals right up front, giving this a sound that really doesn't sound like anything else out there right now. I imagine that absolutely no one will pay attention to this because it doesn't sound like what people associate with that scene, but if this was from NYC I think people would be flipping out. As for me, I love it and I think it's easily one of the best demos in the store right now.

Tags: 10s Atlanta punk recommended USA