Ulver: Kveldssanger 12" (new)

Century Media Records


1996's Kveldssanger ("Twilight Songs") is the second album in Ulver's early 'trilogy' The Trilogie – Three Journeyes Through the Norwegian Netherworlde. It is a surprisingly calm, almost entirely acoustical voyage through the darker part of Norwegian rural fiction, featuring folk music played on classical guitars and vocal choirs that draw their inspiration from 15th century dissonant polyphony. One feels like being in distant northern forests during cold autumn nights, where only the shimmering of the bonfire keeps evil at a relative distance. Despite its darkness and melancholy, the album's innocent and positively naïve character created a school of its own among guitarists and singers. Its simplicity makes it perfectly suitable for performance at concerts and events.
Tags: 90s black metal metal norway reissues