Ultra Violent: Crime for Revenge 7"

Static Shock Records


Reissue of this UK82 ripper. I have to say, I think that this EP, the only three songs that Ultra Violent ever recorded, is easily the best thing that Riot City Records ever released, and that's saying something for a label that has essential releases by Chaos UK, Abrasive Wheels, Chaotic Dischord, the Varukers, and many, many more under their belt. With originals topping the $100 mark for some time now it's surprising that a reissue has taken this long, but I'm stoked that the job finally got done by two DIY hardcore labels. If you haven't heard this thing... what are you waiting for? Listening to this thing today it still just flat-out rages, and it almost sounds almost eerily like a lot of popular bands today. Certainly the fusion of hardcore and UK82 that bands like Bloodkrow Butcher and Green Beret do has its origins here. I'm not sure if these are really limited or what, but I haven't seen them around in a lot of other distros, and if you want it I wouldn't sleep. Essential punk.
Tags: 80s hardcore punk recommended reissues UK82 yoobl