Ultra: España Invertebrada 7"

La Vida Es Un Mus


Young Barcelona band made up of half ABSURDO and half ANARQUIA VERTICAL members. Their debut EP is pure fire, idealistic hardcore with venom and punch. Sonically clashing the golden years of Spanish or Italian hardcore with early NYHC and even Midwest hardcore while lyrically carrying the torch of anarchist Barcelona bands.

Our take: Debut 7" from this new Barcelona band featuring members of Absurdo and Anarquia Vertical, two bands I both like quite a lot. It's funny, because it really does sound like a mash-up of those two bands' sounds, taking the catchiness and the wildness of the best Absurdo stuff and combining it with the thicker production and USHC-inspired toughness of Anarquia Vertical. It's a winning formula, and with 7 songs crammed onto this 7" there's just so much of it to love. Perhaps a little more straight down the middle than a lot of the stuff we've been hearing out of Spain for the past several years, but when hardcore is this passionate and this catchy you won't find me splitting hairs.
Tags: 10s hardcore punk recommended spain ushc yoobl